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Terms and Conditions

Read in detail the Cricket Hoppers’ Terms and Conditions.

1. Definitions

“Class(es)” means a Cricket Hoppers class or lesson
“Cricket Hoppers” means Cricket Hoppers the company with whom you have entered into this contract in respect of the provision of Classes.
“Pupil” means the child who is attending or who are booked on to a Cricket Hoppers Class and whose details are specified by the Parent or Carer on the Registration Form
“Parent” means a parent or legal guardian of the Pupil who will be responsible for the payment of the Fees and who is the contracting party to this contract
“Carer” means the person/persons who attend the class, or any part of it, with the Pupil and is responsible for their welfare
“Registration Form” means the form relating to the booking or re-booking of the Pupil for a Cricket Hoppers Class
“Fees” means the monetary charge to attend Classes for a Term, as specified on the Registration Form
“Term” means the agreed dates of classes as described on the Cricket Hoppers website
“Premises” means the place (be in the hall or changing rooms or outside space) where the Classes take place
“Class Teacher” means the individual engaged by Cricket Hoppers to teach Classes. Whilst every effort will be taken to maintain the consistency of the Class Teachers during the Term Cricket Hoppers retains the right to change the Class Teaching staff where necessary
“Terms” means the terms and conditions set out in this document and any special terms and conditions agreed in writing by Cricket Hoppers and the Parent
“Website” means the website at

2. Acceptance of Terms

All agreements and issues relating to the teaching of the Classes by Cricket Hoppers to the Pupil are subject to these Terms to the exclusion of all others.
No variation or addition to the Terms shall be binding unless agreed in writing by Cricket Hoppers and the Parent.
These Terms shall be deemed to be accepted by the Parent and the Carer once the Registration Form is submitted to Cricket Hoppers and payment has been made to Cricket Hoppers by or on behalf of the Parent.

3. Fees & Payment

The Parent shall pay the Fees for the Term to Cricket Hoppers prior to the Pupil commencing a Term.
The Fees are not refundable under any circumstances whatsoever other than with the written consent of Cricket Hoppers.
At the end of each Term parents who are already enrolled in our classes will have the first choice as to whether they wish to continue with a place on the next Term. You will automatically be enrolled in the next Term unless you advise us otherwise. We will notify you each term, by re-enrolment email, and advise when your payment will be taken by Direct Debit. If you are not continuing you can let us know and no payment will be taken, and your Direct Debit cancelled.

4. Cancellation

Cricket Hoppers may cancel this contract at any time before the Pupil commences a Term, for any reason whatsoever. Cricket Hoppers shall not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from such cancellation.

If a Premises is  unavailable on a longer-term basis (in excess of one week), on grounds outside our control (not including operational issues with the Premises), then we cannot be responsible for providing any further lessons to you during that time. Regrettably we are unable to refund or credit classes in this situation.

4a. Money Back Guarantee for New Customers

Here at Cricket Hoppers, we are so sure you will love your classes that we offer a money back guarantee after your first lesson, we can only offer this before your second class so that we can offer classes to our waiting list. If you wish to cancel please do call or email our team who will arrange for a manager to call you back so that we have the opportunity to gain feedback as to what wasn’t right so we can make it better!

4b. Cancellation Charges

If you cancel your classes after payment has been taken but before your classes start we will refund the total course fee minus a £5.00 admin charge. This includes those customers who are re enrolling.

After the first class of term Cricket Hoppers is under no obligation to refund your money in the event that you are unable to attend part of or the entire course. If in special circumstances we have agreed to refund part or all of the course there will be a £10.00 admin charge deducted from the refund.

4c. Cancellation due to adverse weather conditions

Class closures in adverse weather – we do not offer any refunds for closures relating to adverse weather conditions. We will help to try and arrange a catch-up class in this situation but we cannot guarantee this.

5. Parent/Carer Obligation

The Parent warrants that the information provided on the Registration Form is accurate in all respects at the point of booking. Any changes will be immediately sent by the Parent and/or Carer to Cricket Hoppers.
It is the Parent and/or Carer’s responsibility to inform Cricket Hoppers of any special medical conditions at the point of booking.
When attending the Classes, the Pupil and/or Parent and/or Carer must not be suffering from any serious illness or disease or anything similar thereto.
The Parent acknowledges and agrees that the Pupil shall be deemed to be under the direction, care and control of the Carer throughout the Class and the Carer shall be responsible for the welfare and conduct of the Pupil throughout the Class and whilst the Pupil is on the Premises. Cricket Hoppers does not allow the Parent and/or Carer to leave the Pupil for any amount of time before, during or after a Class.

6. Discipline

In the event that Cricket Hoppers determines the behaviour of the Pupil and/or the Carer to be unacceptable, Cricket Hoppers shall be entitled to exclude the Pupil and the Carer (or either of them) from the Class and Premises permanently or for such period as Cricket Hoppers shall (in its entire discretion) determine.
The standard of behaviour which is to be regarded as unacceptable at a Class or on Premises shall be determined by Cricket Hoppers.

7. Rules of Classes

7a. Video and Photography

We understand that Parents/Carers like to take photos of or video record Pupils whilst participate in classes. This is a normal part of family life, and we will not discourage Parents/Carers from celebrating the Pupil’s success.

Cricket Hoppers will not allow others to photograph or film children during a Cricket Hoppers Class without the Parent or Carer permission.

If you wish to take photos of the Pupil during Classes please ask the Class Teacher who will address the whole Class.

Cricket Hoppers will not allow images of children to be used on our website, publicity, or press releases, without express permission from the Parent/Carer, and if we do obtain such permission, we will not identify individual Pupils by name.

Cricket Hoppers cannot, however, be held accountable for photographs or video footage taken by Parents/Carers but the Class Teacher will explain to all Parents/Carers that we will allow photographs to be taken on the basis that no one else including the Class Teacher will appear in photos on social media.

Employees of Cricket Hoppers may take photographs of Pupils whilst engaged in Cricket Hoppers activities for teaching purposes; for assessment purposes or as a means of celebrating success within Cricket Hoppers. Verbal permission will be asked prior to any photos being taken.

7b. Valuables and Jewellery

All property left in changing rooms or at the class location, and all property left in entrance halls or outside, is left at your own risk. Cricket Hoppers cannot accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal possessions. Please remove all jewellery from pupils before starting classes.

7c. Illness

Should either Pupil, Parent or Carer develop any known or suspected medical condition a doctor must be consulted before participating in a Class. This is applicable to the following: ear infection, diarrhoea, chicken pox, impetigo, conjunctivitis or a bad cold. Please wait until your doctor has given the all-clear before returning to classes. In the instance of sickness and diarrhoea the Pupil, Parent or Carer must have been clear of all symptoms for at least 48 hours before attending a Class.

7d. Health and Safety

Do not enter the Class area until the current Class has finished; please always wait to be invited to do so by your Teacher.

The health and safety of Parent/Carer, the Pupil and the Class Teachers is paramount. Please ensure that all rules of the venue and the sessions are adhered to. 

8. Confidentiality

The Parent and/or Carer agrees to keep the content of the Cricket Hoppers Classes confidential. The Parent and/or Carer agrees not to directly or indirectly manage, operate or assist in the organisation of any business which competes with Cricket Hoppers while the Pupil is a member of Cricket Hoppers and for a period of one year afterward.

9. Limitation of liability

The Parent and/or Carer agrees that any claim made against Cricket Hoppers will be made in writing within 30 days of the incident taking place and failure to report in writing within this time will negate any such claim.
The maximum aggregate liability for Cricket Hoppers to the Pupil, Parent and/or Carer will not exceed the Fees.
Neither Cricket Hoppers nor any Class Teacher, Class Teacher Assistant nor any employee, agent or other representative accepts responsibility in respect of loss, damage or expense incurred by a Pupil, Parent and/or Carer arising directly or indirectly or in any way connected with the attendance of the Pupil, Parent and/or Carer at Classes (or any Class) or any other act or omission on the part of Cricket Hoppers, its Class Teachers, Class Teachers assistants, employees, agents and/or representatives.
All warranties and conditions whether implied by statute or otherwise are excluded from this contract provided that nothing in this contract shall restrict or exclude liability for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of Cricket Hoppers, it Class Teachers, Class Teachers assistants, employees, agents and/or representatives or affects the statutory rights of the parent or Pupil.

10. General

The Parent shall indemnify and keep indemnified Cricket Hoppers against all loss (including loss of profit), liability, cost and expenses which Cricket Hoppers may incur directly or indirectly as a consequence of any action or inaction of the Parent, Carer and/or Pupil.
Any notices to be sent by either party to the other shall be sent by pre-paid recorded delivery or hand delivered to the address of the relevant party and shall be deemed to have been received by the addressee within 48 hours of posting or immediately if hand delivered.
The failure by either party to enforce at any time or for any period any one or more of the obligations arising under this contract shall not be a waiver of them or of the right at any time subsequently to enforce any or all of such obligations.
These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties hereto and supersede prior agreements and understandings between the parties.
This contract shall be governed by the laws of England and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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